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The story of Bear, a lost soul who, despite himself and his addictions, will be led to seek for self-peace by reconnecting with nature and love. We follow the steps of the first part of the journey throughout the 8 songs, experiencing new dimensions in the layers of the human unconsciousness, full of surprises.
01 - I'm A Fool - 00:04:38.5602 - The Ride - 00:04:55.67
03 - Vision - 00:04:38.5804 - Totem - 00:04:37.2005 - Bakienta - 00:05:47.6106 - Sundance - 00:06:02.5107 - Adelie - 00:04:52.5208 - Renegade - 00:06:05.26Total CD 00:41:41.16

Zip code : SHPFTFS01

Power for The Fools Season One

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